Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Last Resort

Last weekend, I went out with my '01 batchmates (since Jeff and CL was not around, it really was an '01 outing). Some of my batchmates took the ECE board exam during that week, so the outing served to be like their isolation night in preparation for the upcoming results.

The outing was set at any resort in Rizal. Our first option was the Casanjo resort which was just a trike's drive away from Elma's home. The said resort was already a bit jampacked when we had arrived. I think it was really quite small considering that it is a public resort. Our group of 16 would not really be able to fit in. It was already about 9-10pm at that time.

Our next option was the Loreland Farm Resort which was really a huge one. Several groups had already been lined up outside when we reached the place. We were still able to get in and rent 2 shades, quite near the shower room yet a bit far from the pools.

It was already way past 12mn and we were still sitting under the shades. Until finally, A few of us decidedly led the way to find a good pool. Norman wanted to be in the pool with some ship structure but there seemed to be lots of people in it already. We settled into a pool which was 5ft deep all throughout, all because there seemed to be some space left for us to swim in. May and Marien just slept while the rest of us maximized the space the pool can offer.

There were too many people in Loreland during that time. Since it was a summer weekend, it was definitely peak season for that resort. The resort is indeed big that it was able to accomodate our group; however, with all other people around it made the whole resort a cramped place.

Loreland resort was the place suggested by Wena, one of my Toshiba-Japan interview batchmates, for our reunion/blowout. Based on my recent experience, I would definitely suggest an exclusive resort rather than a public one like Loreland. I guess Loreland resort would be a good choice if you are to go there on off-peak periods, since you would be able to enjoy more of the huge place, minus the other people.
The '01 outing was supposed to be a 'reunion', an event for the ECE board takers to relax and the new graduates to celebrate. It was the right time to 'catch up' with '01 batchmates. However, I think these were the things that we missed out when we were there. Blame it on the 6am limit so we were just pressured to swim all the remaining time we have. It just became a night of jumping in the pool (especially on Ghe's case). If only we knew that this would happen, we could have reserved the other Casanjo resort (which was exclusive). We could have shared stories, personal revelations, played games, swim exlusively, etc.

I think I was more stressed, with lots of strangers around the resort. Not to mention the hassle of commuting with all the dirt and pollution. All in exchange for a few hours in the pool? Not my idea of fun and un-stressing. I hope I could get a car of my own as soon as possible, it would definitely raise the 'cool-guy factor' and people would surely suck up for a ride.

**Anyway, congratulations to the new Engineers!
- May, Nino, CL, Jeff and Carlo. Rinig ko meron kayong blowout :P

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