Thursday, April 12, 2007

Who's Stalling?

Just went back to PLDT MGO bldg today, for my follow-up med exam for SMART. Still, my blood pressure was still high. I'll be going back and forth till I am able to register a normal bp of at most 120/80. Damn. I'm experiencing difficulty here. :-(

The doctor asked me, "ano ba pinoproblema mo?". Ano nga ba? Di ko rin alam e. High blood pressure may be caused by depression. Am I depressed? Deep inside maybe? Darn. Weird. I think I'm getting more depressed as I could not pass that darn 'blood pressure exam'. I feel like I would overdose myself with Neoblocs, however I don't want to do an 'Anna Nicole Smith' stunt in life.

Thanks to JimNill, he sent an invitation for a VHDL/Verilog job in Japan. Wow. As I read the qualifications, it seemed that the job was made for me. haha. However, I do have second thoughts on joining a Jap company, since Jap employers are very much different. Aaargh. Dagdag sa dilemma.

Or maybe the Lord has been stalling me? If only I had passsed the med exam way back, I would be working for SMART. Is this a sign? Dilemma! aargh...


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