Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Waiting

Just recently watched the Frank Miller film, 300, with Det-san and Tsen*-san. Actually, there were 2 Tsen*-sans because Fem* brought along her sister. This movie outing had been planned as a Jap12-13 class get-together wherein we also invited Weng-sensei. This is in celebration of our passing the JLPT Level 4 exam. The results of the exams were delivered to us individually, and as far as we know, everyone in our class passed. Save for Divina-san, she took the JLPT Level 3, and yes she passed. :D すごい ね.

Unfortunately, it was only the 4 of us who showed up at SM North. Weng-sensei texted us that she'll be coming from Ortigas, and would definitely catch up. Jerick-sempai, Det & Fem's * Jap10-11 classmate who just came from a 1-year scholarship in Japan, had not shown up or rather couldn't be located because he doesn't have a cellphone.

While waiting for the others, we decided to eat our dinner at Mcdonald's. Feamor's sister was a bubbly type of person, and she had been revealing too much information about her sister already. They were like twins who are eternal companions from sleep to work (Both work at Net25). At one point, she asked to look at my palm, and she just gave an approving nod. I thought she was getting superstitous or something, until Feamor told me that she can 'see people'.

Apparently, Fem's* sister had a reading, and that she revealed it to me later. She told me that 'I am currently 'considering' someone right now though I really don't plan making any move. I should not worry, since someday I would meet/be with this SOMEONE (probably the person I am considering right now, or somebody else).

I was caught off-guard regarding her statements. I did not expect her to 'read' me, especially when the topic became something related with my nonexistent love life. What she said struck me since there is some truth in it. I've heard Feamor's testimonials about her sister's ability, and some of it were freaky. Her gift is not mainly involved in love matters. Some are serious ones. Most 'seers' would say vague things that apply to the general public, however in this case she got it right and is quite specific. At least she was right when she assumed that I am not seeing anyone right now or that I don't have any girlfriend. Most strangers would be surprised when they would learn that I don't have a gf and I actually never had one. Jeff even thinks I'm a chickboy/playboy.

I am in a waiting status. There is no need to rush. The woman whom I consider to court would be the woman I consider to marry some day. I don't need a gf just for the sake of companionship. I always observe people and their behaviour. I had seen many couples who had fun with each other in the beginning, but eventually split up in a couple of years; usually because they got bored or one of them found a bigger fish. I don't want to be one of those hypocrites pretending to be falling in love today, then wanting to fall out in due time.

I always think long term. Right now, I would like to focus on my career paths, to prepare for the future. Right now, I strive hard in improving myself. At this point in time, I wouldn't make any move on any woman I like. Not because I like her means that I need her (thus, must have her). I still have to establish myself. I may be able to offer her fun and laughter today, but someday it's just not enough. Reality will eventually sink in.

If ever I'm going to court a woman, most probably we already know each other. My idea of courtship starts when the intent had been made known. There should be no more major convincing on my part; by then, she should have known me enough and would be able to gauge how worthy I am for her. There should be no need for me to put my best foot forward since I want her to evaluate me based on who I am and not on what I can be (since it can only be temporary). I could never see myself courting a woman I have barely known. I am no Johnny Bravo.

This post could also be the ultimate answer to the questions people usually ask to me on why I don't have/ never had a gf. Perhaps I just believe in soul mates. If people are meant to be, then they are meant to be. Tsen*-san's (sister) gift did not really show me specifically that something will happen, but it did help me realize what kind of person I am and my way of thinking.

On who could be this someone I am waiting for, I really don't know. I am just hoping for the best.

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