Friday, March 16, 2007


Stress is taking its toll lately.

Yesterday, I went to PLDT MGO office for my medical examination for SMART. My blood pressure was high according to the doctor. It was at 140/100. I was shocked because I didn't expect I would have problems with high blood pressure.

The night before medical, I stayed up late as usual. The morning after, I rushed towards Ayala; thus, was not able to eat breakfast. Perhaps these are the reasons why my blood pressure rose that high. Not to mention that commuting from QC to Makati is also a stressful one. I just hope I wouldn't fail the labs. Hopefully my only deficiency would be the high blood pressure which I can retake once I get back.

One funny moment at the medical exam was when I was given a plastic cup for my urinary sample. There was already a desire for me to pee at that time. Since the plastic cup couldn't handle all what I can offer, I peed on the toilet bowl first and tried to catch what was left in order to avoid overflowing the cup. The transition was smooth, however I was only able to put less than half the volume of the cup. By the time I submitted my sample, I was told that it should be filled by more than half. They asked me to redo it, and ordered me to throw the sample. I had to start again from scratch. I was like a poor guy who didn't know where to get money in order to pay for his dues. There was a time that I tried to take my sample, but then I couldn't fill the container. After that, I went up to the cafeteria and drank lots of water. After about an hour or so, I was finally able to produce. What a success! ;)

I've met interesting people yesterday along the way. First was this Asian who asked directions towards Makati Ave. Since I was heading towards PLDT MGO, I tagged him along. At first, I thought he was Japanese and I was quite excited to test my Nihonggo skills, however he told me he was Chinese. We conversed along the way, and I've learned that he came here to the Philippines in order to find a place to stay for retirement. Actually, this guy had been in Thailand for 7 years already. He was good in English since he graduated from University of California-Berkeley; he had been an accountant under a large firm. Wow, he's big time. I really enjoy talking with foreigners especially when they become interested with the Philippines. I remember Jie Cui of Singapore when we had a taxi conversation at Japan.

He was originally asking if the jeepneys available in the area would bring him to Makati Ave. I explained to him that I really was not familiar with the area, that's why I just walk. I told him that I was there for my job applications, particularly with SMART where I am scheduled for my medical exam.

There may have been a reason why I met this man. Maybe God's way of relaying a message to me. I am currently facing a fork along the road. Here is a man who had been big time in a company, yet he did not enjoy. Now, he wants to enjoy life to its fullest. He told me that in work, "it's not all about the money. You have to go find where your passion is." As we reached Makati Ave., we bid our farewells. "Good luck on your career young man!" And all I could say to him was, "Enjoy your stay ". He was a stranger, yet he saw the potential in me. We were like old friends, too bad I was not able to get any of his contacts. If ever he'll need some help here in the Philippines, I'd be very glad to help.

At the MGO Building I saw Adrian, who was a co-worker before at ePLDT's Teleflora account. Both of us were taking the medical exams. Apparently, he was there because he had applied again at ePLDT, and now the account he'll be handling will be Mitsubishi. Now, we are taking different paths as I'm being considered at SMART as a Developer, and for him, still a call center agent.

In the afternoon, I went to BiT Micro for my final interview under the CEO. We were scheduled for an interview at 2pm, however it was only about 345pm that the CEO arrived. We were 7 in the batch which includes CarloLara and LeiManio from UP. I hate it when we were always asked to wait at BiT Micro.

During the interview by the CEO, I've learned that his wife is a top executive of PLDT. Funny, because I now have to choose between his company or his wife's. I am actually torn in between. BiT Micro is the company where my background is very related to, which is on hardware design/ R&D. SMART offers very good compensation packages, and is focused on software design. In a week's time, I have to hand in over my decision.
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