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Toshiba Chronicles I

One of the purposes of this blog is to document certain events in my life. The Toshiba-Japan experience is some experience worth blogging for. Since I have brought a digital camera with me, it is easier to document the entire 'event'.

You guys already knew the trouble I got while applying for my passport. Come to think of it, I still have to finalize the 'barcoding' of my Birth Certificate. Hassle. Anyway, at least I finally was able to go to Japan despite all those hurdles, thank God.

The night before our flight of departure, I still have to finish my Machine Problem. The project was due on Feb28 but I really have to pass it early since I'll be at Japan by the 23rd and hopefully be back past Feb27. I started packing up at about 12am already. By morning, I still have to drop by my Uncle's home at Cubao since he'll be driving me to the airport.

Our call time at the airport should have been 12nn. 2 hours away from the actual flight. By 12nn, I was still with my uncle at Cubao. I borrowed his luggage bag, and we still went to Araneta Center to have his nokia phone open-lined. The night before, I called *888 and asked about SMART roaming, the lady told me that I have to have a triband phone. Since my phone is only an 1100, my uncle offered his extra company phone.

Ms. Arleene (or Ms. Lucille?) called and we were still at Cubao. All of them were already there, and were waiting for me. I did not tell my uncle beforehand that we really had a call time. He thought that the timing was just right since it was actually still early to be there 2 hours before the take off. Since they were already waiting for me, we had to rush towards the airport. I wasn't able to eat breakfast, and there was also no time to eat for lunch. I was pretty much ashamed that I think Ms. Arleene got a bit dismayed. It's a no-no to be late in Japan. And this was just the start.

It was going to be my first time to ride in a plane, and wow I'm going international already. hehehe. By the time I was already at the airport, my batchmates had already checked in their bags. Good thing, Ma'am Lucille was there inside and rushed my baggage towards the Toshiba group. If she had not done it, I could have been seated away from them in the plane.

I think I had all the bad luck during that day. First I came in late, then at the embarkation line I couldn't find my embarkation slip. Good thing a Japanese Toshiba personnel, Chiba-san, changed her flight to be with us. I asked her for a new slip, and thankfully she was able to procure one. And then on the x-ray machines, we have to remove our shoes, belts and other metallic devices and put it into the conveyor belt. Since I had been rushing all throughout, I accidentally dropped my laptop backpack and it went down to the floor. Ouch. Geez, a first timer.

Finally, we're just waiting to board the plane. At last, I felt safe then. We, the Philippine delegates were not that close yet. We still have not had any bonding activity yet. We had those idle moments except during pictorial sessions. Since I usually think of weird ideas on anything I see or hear, I started to crack up the first joke. Personnel from the flight before ours were already calling their passengers. "Xiamen, Xiamen!", called one stewardess referring to their flight's destination to Xiamen, China. I imagined the stewardess as some jeepney barker and calling "Siyam-an yan, Siyam-an. Kaliwa't kanan." Everyone lightened up a bit. :D

I thought I had taken a window seat, but not exactly, it was a seat short towards the window. It's still okay since the ws was taken by one of our batchmates, Gimel. We were 3 at the window side, one from each university (LaSalle, UP, Ateneo). hehehe. At least I was still able to enjoy the window area, and it really was just for a short period of time since we were requested to lower down the slides afterwards.

Since this is my first time for almost everything, I had been very much ready with the digicam I borrowed from Teejay. I was able to take shots of every meal I had eaten at Japan, this includes the plane meals. This would be my very first plane meal. Oishii desune.  「おいしい ですね」

Then at last, after about more than 4 hours, we had finally arrived at the Narita airport. Reports told us that it was about 4 degrees outside. Upon our first step outside the plane, we had already felt the sudden gust of cold wind. Since I came from Baguio, it was just a bit cooler for me. Baguio's lowest I think came up at about 6 degrees. So it's just ok. I'm cool anyway. :P At the Narita airport, Ryo-san was there waiting for us while carrying a Toshiba nameplate for us to see. We also had to wait with the Taiwanese delegates so it took us about an hour waiting at the airport.

After waiting for the Taiwanese, we finally boarded a chartered bus towards the Toshiba Training Center and Guest House. It was about more than an hour bus ride from the Narita airport. When we had arrived at the Center, it was really cold and the wind went past through my glasses until my eyes got teary. We thought we had managed the cold at the Narita airport, but we were just actually inside the building. At the center, it was different, we're outside free from air conditioning. Buildings in Japan just have good air conditioning units. You have to be inside to be able to manage the cold.

Once inside the center, we were finally assigned rooms. We Filipinos were assigned at the 5th floor, and I had the room 521. 「ご ひゃく にじょう いち」 I so loved our rooms. It's a far cry from the room I have back in Molave dormitory. We actually have internet connection via LAN however after some days, we already experienced limited connectivity. I think this have something to do with the router settings. We have no choice but to bear not having internet access in our rooms.

Room View

Bed shot

I miss room 521. I hope I'll be back.

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