Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's 2007

Not your ordinary Valentine's post. (expect no mushiness)

I really had no plan of attending the LoveRage concert because ideally I should concentrate on my studies prior to my business trip to Japan. However, since most of my EEE batchmates/ barkada are attending the event in support for UP CIRCUIT (co-sponsor), I decided to come and join the reunion.

With whom did I spend my Valentine's with? I guess it fits to say that I spent that day with my EEE barkada. We were there when the clock struck twelve for Feb 14. My companions for the night were: Ige, Elma, Fil, Kelly, Liz, Jeff, Dyan, Nino, Argel and Jeric. Dean, my thesis mate tagged along since he was a loner (haha). Danes was actually one of the hosts/emcees for the night, while May had been with her officemates; thus, was not able to join us.

I'd like to thank Elma, who was sweet enough to give me a flower. Actually, it is a Kawasaki Rose Origami; thus, unperishable. She said it's for us to give to our respective Valentine's date(s). Since I have no V-date, then it's officially mine for the taking. hehe. I'm 1 of 6 recipients of the Elman rose. I hope it's not a sign for being marked because of a personal vendetta ;). Elma knows that I get to feel awkward carrying something with a lover-boy effect. I guess it's part of the fun in her giving. ほんとう に ありがとう ございました、 エルマ ーチャンMay you shower me more of your blessings (gifts).

I'd also like to thank Ige, for giving me a Singapore keychain, which was only intended as pasalubong for the ladies (none for guys). Cha, if you are reading this, I know you are happy since the Singapore keychain you gave me already has a partner; not only that, the partner is Ige's. So that makes you(r keychains) a couple! :D

I was able to go back to the dorm at about 4am. Got some sleep, and immediately (9am) went to NSO QAve to fix my birth certificate problem with DFA. The person in charge told me that the earliest date of release for the new BC would be on Feb19. I have to have a passport ASAP because there is still the Japanese VISA to fix for (c/o Toshiba).

Went back to DFA after lunch. Directly proceeded to the Passport Directors' Office (what's this? the 5th time at DO?). The good thing was that my Passport Director finally gave me the permission to process my passport (rush processing = 2 working days). However, I still have to procure the new BC and show it to them upon release of my passport.

Right now, I'm crossing my fingers... I'm expecting that the BC that is going to be released on Feb19 would now be barcoded and all. Or else, it's going to be another torment in hell.


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