Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ureshikute Subarashii

It had been a wonderful day today.

I got to play tennis with Christian, a labmate and current batch head for this sem's TennisUP application. It had been weeks since my last tennis game. I think I have not played tennis ever since I came back from Japan. Who would have thought that after the tennis game and a shower, my blood pressure regularized to about 130/90? Ganito ba ako kaadik sa tennis? Tennis lang pala katapat ng high blood ko e hehe. Well, this is still in the prehypertension area but at least I was able to lower it down from 140/100. I hope I would be able to lower it more these coming days.

After lunch, I went to EEE and claimed my salary check from IEEE-Philippines. Ipod o kaitai desune. Ikura? hehehe. Went to IML in order to synthesize my shifter block for the CoE113 Final MP. My partner Maurice's block seemed to be unsynthesizable, or probably there's something wrong with his testbench. There have been errors in the waveform outputs. As soon as I used my shifter design and my own testbench, the generated waveforms now have been ideal. Yeah! With regard to our MIPS processor, all of the instructions had been tested individually though we still need to test it with the complete program flow. We used Maurice's design since he already had a headstart. There had been some minor flaws in his design, good thing we started early so now we had it fully functional already. Hopefully we would be able to 'perfect' this MP, once and for all!

Late in the afternoon, I jogged around campus. IML cool guys: Bryann, Gian and Dean actually jogged earlier, and I was able to catch up with them during my first half of a lap. Dean and Gian already slowed down because of Dean's knee. Since they were just walking, I continued with my own pace.

I forgot to mention before here in my blog that I found a casio watch in my room at the Toshiba guest house in Japan. It's a Casio JC-11, and its special features are specifically for jogging/walking. It's cool since I am able to use it, now that I would consider jogging as a habit. My pacing is usually different from other people, it may be faster or slower. I get tired easily when I am with jogmates who have a faster pace, so I usually would want to jog alone at my own pace. With the pacemaker, I am able to maintain a constant pace suitable to me. This is good since having constant pace would make you feel comfortable and balanced all throughout jogging. With tennis and jogging in the list of my activities, I should be able to normalize my blood pressure in time for my follow-up med exam. I'd like to thank Charity for the sphygmomanometer she lent me. Because of that, I am able to monitor my BP regularly. I'm quite surprised with myself because I get to learn new things lately. Just last week, I was able to learn how to bike, and now I already know how to measure blood pressures. When I measure my own BP, I don't even need a stethoscope! haha. Before, I had to rely on my room mate to measure my BP. Now, people have been lining up requesting me to measure their blood pressures.

I think my spirits are getting high up again. ;)

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