Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Graduation Party

I had just attended UP Eng’g 2007’s Graduation party last Tuesday at Absinth Greenbelt 3. This party was hosted by Inhinyero 2007 as part of its yearbook package. Being part of the Inhinyero staff for 2 years, I’d say grad party was the better idea over a grad ball.

Grad balls are something too cliché, very much similar to a high school promenade. You see your batch mates try hard to look formally decent as imposed by the cocktail dresses and formal attire. It was the ladies who really had to prepare so much as they tend to wear so much make up and even have their hair curled. At least for the guys, all they have to worry was to get their best polos and slacks accompanied with a decent pair of leather shoes.

Last year’s grad ball turned out to be just one lavish dinner out for the batch. The venue was at the Manila Yacht Club, where the view was quite picture worthy especially with the sunset. There were parts where one could smell the stench of the bay though. I think the main event of the night was the dinner; afterwards, nobody cared about the rest of the program – most of the people would have probably thought of their own plans on what to do after the ball.

This year, Inhinyero 2007’s grad committee pushed through with a party. 3 hours of an open bar with light snacks and the whole Absinth bar exclusively for the UP Eng’g batch, it really was not a bad idea. This is in fact the way a typical young adult would celebrate. Drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), food, music, and some dancing. After semesters of uncertainty at the university, all they really needed was to have real fun.

The theme of the party was “Hollywood”. Basically you just have to look presentable, feel comfortable and be yourself. The whole event started with some Levi’s ramp modeling, participated by some chosen graduates of the batch. After the short program, I guess the whole floor was already given freely to the graduates. With the help of some alcohol, most of the people were freely dancing with their friends despite the elbow-room situation in the bar.

All throughout the night, I had been with Yugs, Cholle, and some inhinyero people. Norman and some younger circuit people were also able to find their way into the guest list. I’d say the night was enjoyable. One thing was lacking though, the people around were not my crowd. My batch mates during graduation are still different from those people I grew up with in my whole stay in college. I was with my G-23 bloc mates and EEE friends then. I was able to enjoy last year’s ball not because of the event, but because of the company.

By 12mn, I had to go home. I believe the real party have just barely started. With my current limitations in drinking alcoholic beverages and to have ample rest just to appease my high bp, I really had to go. I am also currently staying at my bachelor uncle’s unit. Being unemployed (for now) gives him some responsibility over me. One respectful thing for me to do in return is to at least refrain from going home at unholy hours.

Kudos to Charity and Joel, for they were the ones responsible for setting up the party. I’d say the party was worth attending to (if it were a ball, I would have not come). Yugs on the other hand, may had skipped a lifetime’s worth with some chick. Ezmo (Circuit) told me about this chick (a companion of an event photographer) who greeted (the moves?) Yugs with a ‘hi!’. They were all alone in the couch area at that time. Yugs became quite frozen of what had happened. All he did was to look back and see if the greeting was directed to somebody else. The end. (hahaha!) I told Yugs that these were the times when a wink could be handy. Too bad, he does not know how to, and never thought any of its practical use. Maybe next time! :P


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