Thursday, April 19, 2007


Schooling’s over, for now. Here I am currently waiting for certain events to settle down. I am in limbo right now and I do hope I could get out of it at the soonest possible time. I’m just taking my time, before actually reporting in for my very first job.

I’ve been quite a bum lately. Well, I had no other things to do except to lower my blood pressure ASAP. The job offers still keeps pouring in, however my current considerations still lie between BiT Micro and SMART. For now, it’s a 60-40 in favor of SMART. It is with SMART that I have to lower my bp after all. But who knows what would be my decision in the end; as of now, nothing is final yet.

I’m currently residing in Cubao, at my Uncle’s “Town house unit”. Once I get to work, I am surely going to find my own place to stay. Although it would cost me money, I really would like to take my independence back.

So far, I’ve contacted Yugs to be a potential housemate, though we really haven’t started finding a place to stay yet. Both of us would hopefully start working this May. Ideally, I want to be live near UP so that I can jog once in a while, play tennis at the courts and perhaps attend some UP events. However, if we are to work at the Fort area or at Ayala Avenue, it’s still quite a long ride for us to take. Therefore, I think it’s a bit impractical. So I guess halfway between Makati and UP would be a good place for us, hypothetically speaking.

So what to do while I’m in limbo? Hmm… well almost everyday after doing some minor errands, I drop by at IML to escape the summer heat. My main concern nowadays is on how to lower my BP, and for sure the heat is a High BP factor.

Recently, I bought myself a 30GB iPod video. This gadget is also part of my own therapy. In cases when I have no one to talk to, or when I want to concentrate or when alone (e.g. long commute, studying, waiting) I now have something with me; music(or a video) would fill the gap. I do become impatient when waiting for someone/something, just like when I am waiting for my turn in the medical exams at SMART.

Not because I was able to buy a laptop and an iPod that you can say I’m a rich kid. Mind you, these came from my Student Assistant salaries, and I bought these gadgets because I needed it. Of course, it’s also some sort of reward to myself.

After my graduation (which is this Sat), I have about a week left to pass the bp scale in order for me to be able to work starting May (1?). I do hope I could put an end to my dilemma, in order for me to finally move on to the next stage in my life.

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