Thursday, November 06, 2008

Flickr Pic #40: [Seiseki Tennis] Clay

[Seiseki Tennis] Clay
[Seiseki Tennis] Clay
Originally uploaded by scion_cho

I started playing lawn tennis on my 2nd year in college. Back then, I felt like I had to graduate from my Table Tennis days (my main sport at elementary school) and advance towards the 'real' and bigger court.

I believe that in order to improve my game, I have to play with someone better. However, it is always the lack of a tennis playmate that keeps me from advancing. Even now that I'm in Japan, I am having a hard time looking for playmates close to my area.

One time, I had no choice but to travel about 1.5 hours via train in order to play tennis with some friends living in Western Tokyo. Oh, I miss my college days when the tennis court was just a stone throw's away from my dormitory.

*Pic details: blue pail used to hold our tennis balls; clay court lines. A minimalistic attempt on photography. :)

Taken on July 19, 2008
Location: clay court @ Seiseki-Sakuragaoka, Tokyo, Japan

See Flickr post #39 (click link here)

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