Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tokuma Photoshoot Outing

It's quite amazing that I am able to go out frequently nowadays. Thanks to photography. I have met lots of cam-toting friends here in Japan and it's really easy to bond with them. Apologies first to my 'kaladkaran' friends for not being able to attend the bday bash at Ginza.

About a month ago, I received an invite to join a photoshoot EB at Yamanashi Prefecture. It's quite 5 hours away from my place but still I eagerly participated in order to meet great photohobbyists and Flickr friends: Ate Maki (aka Maki_c30D), Manong Crispee (RoadRunner) and Totomai (Totomai -- nobody knows his first name), among others.

Yamanashi is quite a very provincial place. But in exchange for a 'livelier' place, one would enjoy nature's beauty in Japan, quite rare with a highly industrialized country. Really now, Japan takes very good care of its environment. Yamanashi is quite popular for tourists who would want to view Mount Fuji from different scenic lakes around the area. Not to mention National parks, wineries, hiking camps and a whole lot more.

Using the seasonal ticket, Seishun 18 Kippu (Youth 18 Ticket), one could travel within Japan via JR trains for a discounted price (good for a day). And so, forming a group of 5, we went to Ate Maki's place for an overnight prior to the lunch-photoshoot EB the next day (Sunday). In fact, 2 of our companions that day -- Kate and Alaine just had a weeklong 'Japan Tour'-- from Tokyo to Kyoto and back.

The main venue was at the man-made Tokuma Falls near Ate Maki's place. Since it was a photoshoot EB, everyone got prepared and we even had models for portrait shots. Special thanks to Shaffie, for bringing his friend Hitomi who's quite an experienced model. Other female photographers in the group were also converted into being models, completely adorned with yukatas and Filipiniana dresses.

One other great thing about the EB was food! Daing na bangus, Laing, tilapia, ihaw-ihaw, kare-kare, salad, etc etc. Philippine food at its best! Last time I ate "Philippine food" was at the Independence day celebration at Oji Park, but all I ordered was meat on a stick so I guess that shouldn't count.

Unfortunately, it started to rain at about 4pm and so the final stages of the 'fashion shoot' was a bit stumped. We also hurried to catch up with the 6:10pm train, eventually reaching home at about 11:30pm. Whew!

It was a fun bonding experience. Special thanks to Ate Maki who's an eager host (part 3? hehe) and Manong Ben (diak nga nalaing ag ilocano, nalipatakon -- funny when he speaks to me in Ilocano, my mind gets stuck into answering in Nihonggo :P ) who are actually moderators of an online Filipino community forum; thus, considered to be the organizers of the event.

Hats off to the genki-sweet-smart-funny-loving couple Rad&Rya, for guiding us through in Shizuoka. To my travelmates: Sonny (TF photodad), Poulain (Lomo Princess), Shaffie (official photographer of Hitomi), Hitomi (half-Filipina, half-Japanese model) and Atty R-yo (The islander). Quite interesting too that I met blogger R-yo on this event. He's even Landbank Tokyo's hotshot.

I'm thinking of separating the portrait shots, photography sessions from the normal outing shots. So here goes, enjoy!

EDIT: hmm... since my supposed entry is long, I'm putting it up under blog instead of in photos. LOL

pics to be uploaded tomorrow... probably the first part. Quite a busy week, unfortunately...

Here's a teaser summing up what I went for: nature + portrait photography (the reflector was sweet!) featuring Tokuma Falls and lomohobbyist-turned model Poulain (she's not posing though, just a stolen shot).


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